Deep Tissue Massage

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Deep Tissue Massage  

Treatment of chronic pain and Reorganization of Posture through the Mobilization of Connective Tissue and Deep Muscle layers.

Fascia is the fibrous semi-flexible membrane of connective tissue that unites the distinct components of the human body. Within the fascia, small bags are formed that contain the organs of the human body. Mio means muscle. The Mio-fascia covers, serves as a support, and separates the muscles of the body. Each muscle fiber is wrapped within Mio-fascia, and furthermore, each muscle is also wrapped in Mio-fascia. The Miofascial tissue has a dynamic behavior: under tension it augments its density and relative rigidity, giving to the muscle a greater structural support. As a result of the augmentation of the density generated by the increase of tension, the body becomes more rigid and less flexible, which in turn produces restriction of movement. Generally these are the result of misalignments and mechanical-postural or functional imbalances, many of which have emotional roots. Deep Miofascial massage adresses the treatment of chronic pain, and also the treatment of lesser pain caused by this lack of flexibility and movement.

This form of body work is of a genuinely therapeutic nature, although those patients who want to receive a truly deep massage find this technique more relaxing than any other. This work is intimately intertwined with the principles of anatomy and biomechanics. Given that part of its objective is to produce structural changes it is more inclined to follow pre-established protocols. The Miofascial function and the deep muscle structures will be thoroughly detailed in this course. The student will learn the subtle art of working with levels of pressure within the fine lines beneath the threshold of tolerable discomfort of each patient, without ever passing it.

Oasis integrates traditional and modern concepts with the objective to prepare the student to work with a wide range of patients. They will learn to examine the specific individual’s needs and to design sessions based on these needs. This is an advanced massage course that is not recommended for beginners or masseurs with little experience. The liberation of tension situated deeply within the body requires an extremely acute sensitivity to understand the physical and emotional nature of the afflicted soft tissue. The emphasis of this class will be the development of the subtle perception and consciousness of the conjunctive deep tissue.

Our recommendation is that the student has completed the courses of Californian Oasis Massage Levels 1 and 2 before participating in this level. Also we recommend that he or she have a weekly practice of at least five massages, to be able to make best use of the class, whose level of detail, precision and depth elevate the ability of the professional to a new and distinguished category.

Given that this style of body work frequently passes close to the tolerable limits of discomfort it is imperative that the class provides a safe and structured ambient in which the student is able to develop his or her intuition, learn to detect areas of rigidity and pain, and learn to note changes in the quality and texture of the deep muscular layers, before taking that which has been learnt to his or her patients. The class is taught by regions of the body, focusing particularly on the identification of specific muscles, musclegroups and osseous protuberances. The characteristic problems of each zone will be studied and specific techniques for their treatment will be learnt. Deep Miofascial massage possesses a combination of techniques that distinguishes it from other forms of bodywork. How to effectively use different parts of the hands, phalanxes, knuckles, forearms and elbows in specific positions will be taught, with movements designed to respond to the various problematical characteristics of the tissue to improve the effectiveness of this work.

Movement is a fundamental aspect of the Deep Miofascial work that is taught in the program in the form of joint mobilizations, and passive and resistive stretches are directly incorporated within the routines of this work. Given the slowness and depth with which these techniques are applied, it is vital that the body posture is used effectively to improve the quality and sensitivity of the work, whilst also increasing comfort.

In the Deep Miofascial Massage program, the student will learn:

. How to liberate tension in deep tissue.

The appropriate use of the thumbs, fingers, hands, forearms and elbows.
- Appropriate positioning of patient and therapist.
- Mobilizations of articulations and basic stretches for the liberation of tension.
- Applied structural anatomy and muscular physiology
- How to use Deep Miofascial massage to reduce stress and specific applications for previously diagnosed diverse conditions.
- How to design individual sessions for each patient.

The study program of Deep Miofascial Massage is aimed for those who wish to develop the sensitivity to contact non superficial structural tension and be able to initiate a series of changes in the patient that will continue unfolding with time.


Each one of the courses is taught in two formats, weekly or intensive, so that the student can choose his form of study in accordance with his needs and convenience.

Weekly Format

Frequency of 1 class per week of three and a half hours.

Prerequisite: Californian Oasis Massage Levels 1 and 2

Intensive Format

The intensive courses for each level are taught over seven consecutive days from 10am until 18.30pm.

Prerequisite: Californian Oasis Massage Levels 1 and 2

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