About Oasis

Oasis is a school dedicated to the teaching of massage and other curative art forms, within a context of growth and personal transformation.

Our Aim

Our aim is to offer high quality trainings in massage therapy, in a context of personal growth and self discovery. All of the courses in Oasis are taught in a context of the investigation of the human potential - seeking to offer an integrated process of learning that invloves body, mind and spirit. In our experience, the teachings imparted in Oasis, allow for real processes of personal growth and the natural blossoming of deep inner wisdom.  Our hope is that this blossoming within each individual will encourage them to grow and flourish both personally and professionally.

Our Vision / What is Californiano Oasis Massage?

Masaje Californiano Oasis is a system of preventative and clinical manual therapy,  based on the idea that good health is our natural state and that the body has the innate ability to heal itself. The objective of the different techniques taught and practiced in Oasis is to bring us into closer contact with this inherent intelligence. All illness and pain arises when energy flows become blocked, as the direct result of imbalance in any one, or more, of these factors. The therapies practiced in Oasis seek to discover these blockages and liberate the flow of energy, reestablishing the natural patterns that maintain our energy fields open and flexible. Through the medium of touch we seek to provide the necessary stimuli to help re-activate the person´s own healing ability, allowing the individual to find his or her natural health and balance. In our experience, there are numerous factors that affect our health. Our invitation is to explore our relationships with touch, breath, movement, mental activity, diet, sound, relations, life experience, traumas and external influences; so that this exploration may serve as a vehicle towards natural healing.

Study Programs

The study programs offered by Oasis are stimulating, innovative and comprehensive. They are transmitted within an environment of support for personal growth and recognition of the essence of our being.

Our courses and workshops are designed equally for those who desire a professional education, as for those who wish to live this experience as part of his or her process of transformation, healing and personal recognition.

In this moment, work opportunities for those who practise massage and curative arts are rising, given that everyday people discover the true value of body work in cases of rehabilitation, emotional healing and maintaining good health.

The Oasis style integrates sophisticated bodywork techniques with a deep respect for the power of transformation through contact with love. Our graduates find that their work is well received and that their patients appreciate the spirit that we cultivate and share:

  • Before all else, we move with extreme respect and care
  • Touch from a state of meditative stillness.
  • Place foremost our presence
  • Develop intuitive perception and the ability to pay close attention
  • Treat everyone equal
  • Work with humility

In these programs you will have the opportunity to grow in both your personal and professional life, becoming a skilful and compassionate professional.

Our academic objective is to offer an integrated and solid, professional formation that will allow you to broach this profession with confidence. The combination of different techniques that we have found to be mutually complementary will permit efficient work with a wide range of patients.

Class Format

The format of the classes is as follows. Firstly, a run through the corresponding theory and anatomy, followed by a demonstration by the instructors, individual guided experiences in the class and finally, practice sessions (both giving and receiving). Through these methods, the student will obtain the knowledge, ability and the necessary experience to work in an integrated, effective, sensitive and professional way.

As well as the instructor, there are also two assistants in each class. The assistants are available to help in any way, guiding the students through every step, and responding to the different requirements that present themselves along the way.